#4BlocksLive – 1 Day, 4 Blocks, 4 Challenges


Season 1 of the german series 4 BLOCKS from TNT Serie took television and the internet by storm, winning a myriad of awards, gaining large online fan communities and turning actors into cult figures. Expectations for Season 2 were huge! This is where the Facebook campaign promoting Season 2 comes in. It presents an opportunity for enthusiastic users to actively get involved and become opinion leaders in the discussions surrounding the new season.

Our target groups: fans of Season 1 and fans of the German rappers from the cast.


At “#4BlocksLive – 1 Day, 4 Blocks, 4 Challenges.”, together with the hip-hop magazine BACKSPIN and presenter Niko BACKSPIN, we host an intended leak live on Facebook. The best part: the community itself determines how much of a maximum of 16 minutes of the first episode will be won via online challenges and “leaked” two days before the official premiere.

The aim: creating an innovative link between the world of the series, Facebook Live, user-generated content and gamification.


After the campaign started we first brought users back into the world surrounding clan boss Toni Hamady via mobile-optimized videos, cinemagraphs and grafics. And all this just in preperation for the big live event…

Then a message appears that takes fans′ breath away:
4 BLOCKS will be leaked! Two days before the season premiere!

In the following days little by little the Facebook community learns
what „#4BlocksLive – 1 Day, 4 Blocks, 4 Challenges“ stands for.


  • 3,5 million users reached
  • 3,4 million video views
  • 1,6 million social media interactions

Fans were highly enthusiastic and leaked all possible 16 minutes, they asked the actors and creators of 4 BLOCKS unresolved questions about the second season, posted videos of own 4 BLOCKS rap songs in the run-up to the event to apply to compete in the “Rap Contest” and engaged in animated discussion for an entire day – live!

After the minutes that fans won were published on Facebook the same day at the end of the live event, there was major excitement for the new season and people could hardly wait for the season premiere two days later.